“School, today is four walls with future of tomorrow inside.” This tomorrow can be better with the best facilities provided.

I would take you to short tour of the facilities provided in our school.

SCIENCE LABS: - School provides separate Chemistry, Physics and Biology labs with all required apparatus, equipments and regular classes where students perform practicals and become

LANGUAGE LAB: - Good communication skills are indispensable for the success of any professional. School provides language lab that helps students to learn English language with proficiency to communicate.

COMPUTER LAB: - We have two full-fledged computer labs, one for primary and the other for higher section with latest softwares and technology services.

LIBRARY: - We have library with above four thousand books and fifteen subscribed periodicals. In addition to books, our library also provides latest references, magazines and other competitive books.

PRAYER ROOM: - To develop the praying habit, school provides the prayer room.

SMART CLASS: - To enhance and make teaching more effective each classroom is provided with TATA class edge or Teach Next.

SECURITY: - Our school is secured with over hundreds of CCTV cameras to provide 24 hours of security.